Financial services

As daily business are complex and business to manage, therefore, we are here to offer an solution to manage your financial services. We believe the best way to serve you is to make things simple and easy to manage with the assist of our professional consultants. We are now providing a wide range of financial services, including Advisory on Charity Fund establishment, Advisory on Bank Account Opening, Immigration consultation, Premium Financing, Trusts management, Financial Planning, referral for high interest saving plan, Mortgage referral, Immigration Investment, General insurance, MPF and group medical services.

We provide portfolio management and investment products through individual financial accountants, such as mutual funds, investment link insurance, high interest saving products and universal life products. We believe every great things begin in a single step, in the same way, every investments begins with a single action, we will be glad to be with you in every investment decisions you make.

We are a member of Fabulous Group. Details please refer to our website.

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為令中小企業更順利地擴展的事業版圖,我們為你提供一站式的金融轉介服務,包括但不限於員工強積金,員工保險,個人保險,投資移民,自動化證券服務,銀行開戶顧問服務, 開慈善機構顧問服務,高息儲蓄投資,萬用壽險借貸。我們相信我們可以和你同步發展,作你的最強後盾!查詢請聯絡我們

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